about jacqui moreno ovidi

Hi, I'm Jacqui Moreno Ovidi, a transformational life coach at Dragonfly Ascending. I thought I'd tell you a little bit about myself so you get a sense of who I am. Before starting Dragonfly Ascending, I was overseeing training for over 20 years, overseeing programs, events, trainers and admin staff and primarily in community services. Within that I was also a trainer and my specialisation was in communication and cultural diversity, all the subjects that connect people with people. The other side of it was the work that I did with staff, I did a lot of mentoring and coaching within my roles. When I left that career, I became a qualified life coach because that was my interest area. The important thing for me was that when I became a coach I discovered that all the qualifications and experience were extremely important but the most important thing was what I had found out myself through my own personal experiences of what I call waking up. What I mean by that is really learning to listen to myself, learning to go within to hear the inner wisdom that surfaced from there. So people will come in with a particular issue in mind but what I find is that once we start to delve within, there is an impact that occurs right across your life, not just within the issue.

qualifications, certifications and memberships

Bachelor of Education and Training; Certificate IV in Life Coaching; Certified Assertiveness Coach; Certificate of Archangel Life Coaching; Certified Angel Card Reader; Certificate of Advanced Angel Practitioner; Reiki I; Reiki II; Soulpreneur Graduate.



 Five Stars - Natalie Venettacci 4/12/16 Tasmania AU

After having a Skype Life Coach Session with Jacqui yesterday, I feel inspired to utilize some of her suggestions within my daily practices. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Jacqui and would recommend to anyone considering a one on one session with her to pursue that thought. Thanks so much! - JMH 12/10/16 New Zealand

I saw Jacqui for reiki after a complicated stint in hospital where I had a bowel operation and treatment for ongoing cellulitis. After each session my legs felt much better and there was a definite boost in the healing in my bowels. I found her very professional and she created a very calming environment. I recommend her to anyone seeking a boost in healing and to generally improve their wellbeing. - Quentin Meffan 2/4/16 Sydney AU

Jacqui at Dragonfly Ascending has a gift of transforming your old patterns and supporting you with a light that fills her presence and a healing that will help you work out dramas and issues relating to your health and get you back on your spiritual path. She has been working on her own self for many years which is why her light and healing abilities are so good!. I always feel better after talking to her and being in her presence, as she believes in empowering others to change.. when you are ready. I would definitely recommend at Dragonfly Ascending .. with love and light. - Cate Mac 25/3/16 Melbourne AU

Beautifully relaxing and healing. As soon as Jacqui begins her healing work my mind becomes still and calm and worries melt away. After the session I carry away with me renewed energy and a sense of feeling grounded, content and able to continue on my pathway. I absolutely recommend Jacqui. – Asher Ó Cianáin 24/3/16 Sydney AU