Emotions are fluid messengers of thought that can bring us back to the now.

 Hi everyone! I picked a card for us with the intention of sharing something we can reflect on over the next little while. The Four of Water jumped out. It’s a wonderful reminder that our emotions are fluid messengers of our thoughts that can bring us back to now. But when we believe that our emotions are our truth, we can attach to them and reduce our ability to be fully present. We either chase the “positive” emotions or run from the “negative” ones, instead of letting them flow and transform. But how do we let go?

1.    Observe – When you have a feeling that is unhelpful, observe it. Where is it sitting in your body? Which situation is it attached to? What is the thought causing it?

2.    Detach – What happens when you stop believing the thought that is causing it? The thought is only a thought, it is not the experience itself. It is a thought about the experience. Let go of the thought and see how the experience becomes neutral.

3.    Transform – Now focus back to the present, where all your power to create and change lies. What do you choose for yourself in the now?

I make it sound easy. For me it is an ongoing learning that gets easier as I find myself increasingly present in my life, my now.

Angel Tarot Card Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine