Earthing the Earthling

I’ve discovered that the best way for me to keep in the moment, to be present in my life is to stay earthed. I call it earthed because we are part of the earth, as much as trees, grass and oceans but when we live in our heads or our emotions, our energy gets stuck in parts of our body and it no longer flows from heaven through us into the earth and back up again. For me there are three types of earthing:

1.    Earthing with the earth – releasing my emotions to her, feeling her resonance, and aligning my heart beat with hers, so she can transform my emotions into something that can be useful because it’s all energy, only I attach meaning to them.

2.    Earthing my energy – getting out of my head and into my heart so I connect with my soul and purpose.

3.    Earthing my body – alkalising my body and releasing toxins so I increase my wellness and vitality.

How do I do this?

1.    Connecting with mother earth - spending at least 20 minutes a few times a week, preferably more, just connecting, so I have my bare feet on the earth and lie on the grass, I often do this after completing the beautiful bay walk that I love so much and in summer, swimming in clean oceans, my absolute joy.

2.    Daily deep breathing - getting my body comfortable, then deep, slow breathing, relaxing my body and being with myself. What happens is that emotions bubble up and I feel through them till they transform or release and I observe thoughts as they surface. Sometimes I experience emotions that I have stored so long that I no longer know their origin.

3.    Eating well, exercising and self-care – I find I focus on these more because it’s easy for me to let both drop. Social events and eating at other people’s homes can make it easy to relax on eating well. And I find the more I drink alcohol (I do love my red wine) or eat refined foods, the more I crave them, yet I feel so much better when I keep them at a minimum and maintain a healthy life style. While I enjoy a range of foods, I make sure to include green smoothies, spirulina and lots of organic vegetables in my daily diet. I also exercise to release toxins and stress, although I work at keeping motivated. I’m a Pilates girl and am getting back to yoga. And I adore cooking good food and taking long, slow magnesium, epsom salt and lavender baths to clear out old energy. I detox my home with chemical free cleaners, bells, incense/smudging, Reiki, the laughter of friends and family and playing with my cat. I also practice what David Wolfe and Lars Gustafsson suggest, only putting on my skin and hair things that I would be willing to put in my body. I’m not fully there, but getting there.

My way is not for everyone, we each need to find what works for us. But I like to know what other earthlings do, so I can learn and in sharing my earthing rituals, I hope it may be useful for some of you who also expand your learning through sharing.