transformational life coaching

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What would make a real difference in your life? Is it changing your career or feeling happy at work? Improving a significant relationship? Learning to live with a condition that has changed what you can do? Maybe it's writing that book or developing the courage to put yourself out there with a new business but the fear stops you. Regardless of your goal, for most it's also about connecting with your authentic self to live a more fulfilling life.

Transformational Life Coaching deepens your understanding of how mind works and how your thoughts and emotions affect your life. It expands your awareness of the space within and supports you to act on insights that lead to change. Some know it as waking up, others as the Three Principles, but what ever you call it, it's all the same thing, a state of being and about living more consciously in the present.

soul reading: this is a one-off session that clarifies a specific situation or decision. We delve deep, beyond the mind clutter and emotional confusion to find your truth about the situation and gain clarity on what to do. People often comment after a session how simple the answer is when you clear the clutter. This is because we have all the answers within. Sessions run 1 hr for $90 or $120 for 1.5 hrs and are via Skype.

short term goal transformation: this is a series of sessions that explore the thinking and emotions that thwart action, confuse choices and blind you to opportunities to realise your goal. From this space, we listen for inner wisdom, the insights that bring clarity and guide actions to achieve. Each session builds on the insights and actions of the previous session until you reach your goal or until your goal changes. Sessions run for 1 hr for $150 each or $200 for 1.5 hrs and are via Skype.

transformational coaching packages: these are most suited to those ready to explore deeply and dive into the space within to transform their way of life. We are not our thoughts and emotions, we are the spaciousness beneath. When we become the observer, we see reality and the illusions we create through our perception. Few people have an enlightenment experience that completely changes them in a moment, for most of us, we wake up a little at a time. And with each waking moment, our life transforms. Packages run for a minimum of six session, usually on a fortnightly basis and are tailored to your needs so are individually negotiated and priced.  Sessions are via Skype unless combine with Reiki, combined sessions are in Sydney's inner west.

coaching sessions that combine soul readings and/or Reiki are also available by negotiation.

Please call or text 0481 099 009 or email Jacqui at to book a session or package or to set up an obligation free chat.

Public group programs are also available from time to time. Please email me to register your interest and I will contact you when the next one is offered. Public group programs are delivered face to face in Sydney's inner west.


Services offered by Jacqui Moreno Ovidi at Dragonfly Ascending do not replace professional advice or treatments and cannot act to diagnose. If you have any concerns about your physical or mental health, finances or legal obligations, please seek professional advice.


Packages and programs are paid prior to time of service via bank transfer. Please contact me for more details.